I'm More Productive Than You

10x Your Productivity with a 20x Marathon Runner

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My name's Deepak. And sure as hell I'm more productive than you. And even if I'm not (which I am) - you're going to learn about a sh*t ton of new tools on this course.

Whatever you're trying to achieve with your business and life goals - do you agree that being more productive would help with you with that?

Do you think if you could get things done faster it would help you:

  • Get to the business of actually working on your business more effectively?
  • You would have more time to spend with your Uncle Tom, Wife Sally or Pet Sam?
  • To get to that pizza planned Wednesday night after work?

That life would be just...better?

What about...recording your screen? Keyboard shortcuts? Managing your desktop applications. Recording Screencasts. Creating Courses Like This One? Finding efficiencies that you didn't even know existed.

I'm not someone who has just taken everyone else's courses. I talk the walk.

  • 20x marathons in 15 different countries
  • 50+ countries travelled
  • 9 countries lived in
  • 1.1k Quora answers written
  • Udemy Course Instructor with 5k+ Clients

Check out my Macbook Pro setup - check how many apps I use:

If you want to achieve like me.

It all starts here.

Your Instructor

Deepak Shukla
Deepak Shukla


  • 17.5 million views Quora
  • 240k+ views YouTube
  • 25k+ email list built in <4 months
  • 7.5k+ LinkedIn Connections
  • 8k+ Instagram Followers


  • 20x Marathon Runner
  • 3x Ultramarathon Runner
  • 2x Ironman
  • 1x Fight Muay Thai
  • Trained British Soldier


Owns two cats. Tommy and Jenny. You should ask about them :)

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